Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:

Company#1 Amy SzerlipEdit

[Company] [[1]]

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: Nielson company works in advertisiment field.  With this company, they help out with campigns and advertising for various of people.  This company allows people to look over advertisments from televison and online.  The company makes sure these advertisments are only shown to viewers who realate to thier interst. 

One good think about this company's [policy]:  Neilson, collects information that only the viewers would be interested in.  They watch your history of online and what sites you view often to obtain which campigns may be benifcial to you.  They keep a watch on how many times you visit the website and how long you remain on that site.  This policy is good because it really takes an interest in what the viewer is interested in and what the viewer wants to continue and research more on.

One bad thing about this company's policy  While on websites, Neilson creates a survey for the viewers to take.  In order to continue on with viewing a certain campign you must complete the survey.  The survery does not go away until the suvrey is complete and Neilson will send you a confirmation email.   This policy is bad because it takes away from the site.  It makes the viewers have to fill out a survey which may lead the viewer to leave the site.

Company #2Edit

Safe Count

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:Safecount provides a digital platform that helps advertisers, and media companies understand the effectiveness of their product. They are used by companies to do market research. Basically our data helps them report back to advertisers if we are interested in their ads. From their website it appears that they have worked with Facebook, Linked in and Twitter. This company also makes sure that consumers get information about their role in the advertisements.

One good think about this company's privacy policy is that:

The company believes in letting the consumer choose what they share. This company has provided an opt-out button that opts the individual out of certain things that this website will track about the individual. We thought this was good becuase they are giving you an option to choose if you want to be tracked or not.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

They knowingly state that they cannot protect your privacy 100%. They mentioned that some information that you provide might be leaked. We thought that this was bad because who wants to be told by someone tracking your every move online can not protect your privacy. Especially things like email addresses.

Company #3 Frank RamEdit

Audience Science Audiance Science

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: The company specializes in helping its clients make the most of its digital marketing budget. The company claims that for every $100 million spent on digital marketing, nearly $50 million to $80 million is wasted. They do this by gathering only valuable data. They also keep the data secure and only use it for that specific client

One good think about this company's privacy policy (link) is that: The company doesn't specifically target children under 13. It's ggod because the company is displaying good ethics in leaving children out of their marketing plans. It's also good because parents don't want their kids being spied on by these research sites.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that: They collect personal data on the site vistiors such as our name, phone number and email address. I can understand why they would need a general location or age because of demographic reasons, but a phone number isn't nessesary. I don't see how that can benifit the client.

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