Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:

Company #1Edit

Value Click Media (

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: They engage in helping companies build thier brand and maintain a certain image through different mediums. They are pretty much public reps for companies through targeting audiences that adhere to what ever brand they are representing. By tracking me online and my information they can use that to structure the way they build thier audience for the companies they represent. Based on the information I provide in my search endines they then bring forth those companies into my arena therefore popularity and or a potential consumer for this brand. The method they utilize is called Blue Pin, this is a tool that actually keeps them ahead. This tool helps them stay in real time, to be able to provide the advertisers with direct access to people where ever they are for the brands they represent. So ultimately, if you search something then, in real time then this tool is signaled to what you searched and correlates it too what ever brand matches.

One good think about this company's privacy policy ( is that: thier partnership with the U.S Congress privacy legistllation and in addition there are alot of protections against infiltration of content displayed. One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that: Although there are privacy again content displayed, there should also be privacy settings for hackers who want to do things that are unethical with the brands and logos that they use. This comapany works with alot of corporations, such as Visa and Addidas, so them being open to negative things could be detrimental to the company.

Company #2Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business TruEffect is able to track who is visting your site, how you can reach them, and engage with all aspects of your customers. They track offline and online data regarding your companies First-Party Cookies. TruEffect has a variety of services which include, Audience Attribution, Site sales Attribution, Message Sales attribution, Device sales attribution, Marking stack analysis, along with many other features.

One good think about this company's privacy policy (link to the privacy policy) is that: TruEffect has a privbacy policy  built on three principles which include they disclose all information they manage and the ways in which it is stored and collected. They do not engage in sensitbe targeting or sata prctices with out the expressed permission. Lastly, they give the control to their users. The users govern their own information and the ways in which it is used.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that: "If all or part of the company is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, previously volunteered customer and prospect information may be transferred as well, along with the conditions and requirements under which it was originally collected and managed." This can be looked at as a bad thing of the company due to the inconvience it may bring their customers. Parts of the company can be sold or traded without the conesnt of the customer.

Company #3Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

Adblade is one of the largest premium advertising networks in the U.S. Adblde reaches over 200 million monthly unique users in the US on over 400 premium publishers including: USA Today, MSNBC and FoxNews. Adblade offers a winning combination of innovative proprietary ad units, massive scale, distribution through select top-tier publishers only, as well as unique features that give advertisers the confidence they need to launch their direct-response and brand campaigns.  

One good think about this company's privacy policy  is that:

Adblade received the highest possible Brand-Safety Rating from Adsafe, the digital advertising industry's recognized leader in brand protection and ad viewability data. Adblade provides access to some organizations they work with on Adblade's premium advertising network to manage their own advertising tools.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

Adblade may use third party advertising technology providers to serve advertisements and provide other services on this site and in connection with Adblade network. These services may include the use of web beacons, web bugs, action tags and third party cookies which read our cookies, or visa-versa, or involve the use of anonymous supplemental information. To opt-out of certain behavior programs not associated with Adblade, people need to go certain website which is the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) opt-out tool.

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