Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:

Company #1 (BlueKai) Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: This company was tracking our shopping habits after visiting the homepage of the San Diego Padres baseball club ( To us, this website is making a lot of money after having numerous amounts of websites become publishers and share their data with them. By this website not selling advertisements and only calculating what we buy, and where, it is anonymous information that gets shared with various companies partnered with them so that their marketing and advertisements match what we are looking for. This website has partnerships with Forbes, U.S. Department of Commerce, Reuters, Expedia, FoxDigitalMedia, and etc. With Major League Baseball leading all sports in memorabilia sales (here in the U.S.) we believe that this company is tracking what we are spending on these team sites to see what type of teams, players, Jersey color, consumers are buying and what type of deals are they looking for.  

One good thing about this company's Privacy Policy  is that: They allow everyone to tweak their 'Directory" and you can have advertisements tailored to what you would like to see, or you can opt out. They also adhere to the U.S. SafeHarbor Framework, and participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance. 

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

They collect "Pixel Tags" which means they can save a code which can transmit an image or what I (Rioni) view as a screenshot! This makes me fear that they can screenshot me inputting my credit card information when I am shopping considering at the bottom of the privacy policy it says they MAY collect income information. This makes me feel very unsafe knowing that even though this company is "safe" they can still be hacked and these 'Pixel Tags" can lead to identity theft. 

Company #2 (FetchBack)Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: This company is involved with bringing the consumer back to the website. They monitor what we are purchasing or doing when we enter their partners sites, and when we leave they are in charge of making one last effort to reroute us and bring us back to their site. Whether it is by showing us an advertisement or by offering a great "deal" by showing us an offer that makes it hard for us to refuse. Everyone here has visited a website where you tried to leave and a message has popped up and at the end of the message it said 'Stay On Page" or "Leave Page." 

One good think about this company's privacy policy (link to the privacy policy) is that:

Not much to like about this company but our group likes how easy this company made it to Opt-out. They laid it out step by step in their policy and you click the link and one more link and you are Opted out. 

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that: This whole companies privacy policy is terrible. They explain how they collect both Personal identifiable Information and Non Personal Information. I dont want this company knowing where I live and my credit card info. They also have written in their privacy policy that they have "NO CONTROL or ACCESS TO PARTNER COOKIES.' How are they supposed to hold their partners accountable for violating terms if they cant access or control it? That means companies who partner with this company can easily hack and target our vulnerable computer systems. 

Company #3Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

The company, Nielson, provides data for the measurement of effectiveness and the number of audiences reached on an online advertising campaign. Nielson helps advertisers better understand their campaign performances of TV and online audiences. Nielson provides the advertiers information on whether their ads were shown to their targeted audiences. So when you visit sites such as Facebook, Nielson gathers information on length of exposure to advertisments, number of times an individual has visited, whether or not the ad was clicked on, and how effective the advertisement was and provides this information to advertisers.

One good thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

Only demographics of gender and age are shared with the advertisers. After the information is shared with the advertisers, the information is only kept as long as it is needed for the purposes of the advertising campaign.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

The advertisers that Nielson provides information for are unknown and leave individuals to question who is given their information.  Also, not only are these advertisers unidentifiable but so are the employers and agents Nielson shares consumer information with. As the part of the targeted audience we are unable to identify these parties that find our opinion so important. This is why rates the site at 25 out of 50 and is of high concern for audiences. 

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