Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:

Company #1Edit

Company Name (DG MediaMind)

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: This company is the leading advertisement management and distribution platform, managing 10 percent of the worlds media assets. It connects global advertisers and agencies with their target audience.They assist advertising agencies in spreading their messages on multiple media platforms including TV, online videos, or mobile. It allows advertisers to effectively run ad compaigns faster using conditional logic built around elements like budgets and other target specific factors.

One good think about this company's privacy policy (DG MediaMind Privacy Policy) is that: One positive aspect of this site is that they only tracks users through submitted information. Through MediaMin's services they supply the user with advertisements that are spefically catered to the users needs and interests. Though the company reserves the right to alter their policy at any time, they specified that they would fully disclose any modification of their policy to their users. They are honest in disclosing to the user that no system can be completely secure, but that they have resonable privacy security in their systems.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

MediaMind does not gaurantee the safety of the users privacy information. Though their honest is appreciated it does not excuse their potentially lacking security. The company states that they reserve the right to modify their privacy policy at any time without notification to their users ahead of time. MediaMind also states that they may release pernally identifiable information to third parties such as one's name and email.

Company #2Edit

Company Name (Quantcast)

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: This company specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising. They strive to uderstand the digital audience in order to allow marketers and publishers to make the best choices in buying and selling to allow for the most effective target audience advertising. It helps deliver advertising campaigns to the world's leaders in advertising publishers. It gives audience measurement information for over 100million websites.

One good think about this company's privacy policy (Quantcast Privacy Policy) is that: Quantcast has an age restriction on registering to their services and does not allow for users under the age of 13 to acces the site through an account. When the company makes changes to their privacy policy the company will notify users via their web page. The company utilizes cookies and other information to better understand user's activities and to make it easier for users to navigate with the option to turn off the feature and any time. Though the company uses up-to-date cookies and will delete old cookies to provide a better experience.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

The company requires personally identifiable information if the user is not registered to them such as name, physical adress, email, password, and telephone number. Any information may be displayed to others in their network including other users. Quantcast's security system information is very vague and does not specify the measure taken to protect user privacy. The also keep copies of the information provided by users for business measures. Any comments, submissions or interaction are public aswell.

Company #3Edit

Google Ads Display Network (1)

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: Google Ads Display Network displays advertising which allows companies to create all types of ads (text, image, interactive, and video ads). Google Ads then places advertisements on websites relevant to what their clients are selling and shows the ads to people that are most likely interested. The site was not clear on who their particular clients are, but one can assume that they are looking to display advertising for big business. Customer data helps the company place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs, and other niche sites across the Internet to reach more potential customers.

One good thing about this company's privacy policy (2) is that: The compnay was helpful to the general public by providing a key terms page with definitions for terms such as cookies, IP addresses, pixel tags, etc. We like how the Google ads lists how they collect information from us e.g. from the devices we use, log information, location information, and local strorage from application data caches. Also the privacy policy makes data collection seem like a positive aspect of their company by explaining how providing, maintaining, and improving services helps to develop new ones and protect Google and all Google users.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

We do not like how Google account information from your personal Google profile is shared across all Google services. Information from one Google service may be combined with information from another one of Google's services and be shared in many countries across the world.

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