Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:

Company #1Edit


To the best of our understanding, the company 33Across serves other business as an advertising servicer. In doing so, 33Across monitors it’s client’s websites by tracking activity activated by consumers. 33Across allows it’s clients to gain access to specific types of consumers as through this sort of tracking, the company is able to find information such as interests, gender and demographic. 33Across claims that it allows businesses to target specific consumers for online advertising and creates personalized advertisements for the consumers themselves.  33Across also helps businesses gain traffic on their websites by automatically displaying links when information from a clients website is shared via copy and paste.

One good thing about this company's privacy policy is that  33Across claims that it does not use or gather any sort of Personally Identifiable Information. This is a positive thing because most consumers may not even be aware that they are being tracked online. Therefore, it would be an extremely problematic issue if Personally Identifiable Information was being extracted through this tracking process. The fact that the company claims to only use Non-personally Identifiable Information allows for some piece of mind to most Internet users.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that 33Across claims that they attempt to moderate the advertisements that they aim for the individuals that are 18 years or older. The problem with that is, they fail to explain how this is done and later claim that they do not knowingly collect data from anyone who is under the age of thirteen. The mismatched information in this section of the privacy policy seems a little sketchy and causes some distrust among our group.

Company #2Edit


To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business: is a data broker that, like other activity tracking websites, keeps track of audience clicks, searches, and other activities deemed as important consumer information for other websites. Quantcast offers a tool that publically displays traffic and audience profiles to other websites that keeps its clients up to date on the internet usage of consumers. Quantcast measure has a deep and detailed measurement of the various consumer profile details as well as comparisons with other sites that helps its client websites to effectively and accurately direct advertisements that will receive the most response from intended audiences. With an easy to use search engine and detailed tracking services, is flooded with important information for other business and advertisement websites.  

One good think about this company's privacy policy (Privacy Policy) is that:

The good thing about Quantcast’s privacy policy is that they do not link their log data (the information about consumer usage) with any personally identifiable information about that consumer. This is good because although they are tracking our activities and logging that information, they are keeping our personal identities anonymous. Most people are afraid of activity tracking websites because they assume that while their activities are being recorded their personal information is also being sold to the highest bidder. Quantcast’s privacy policy relieves this worry directly in their clause about client and registered user log data.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

The problem with the privacy policy is that it requires very detailed personally identifiable information that people may be uncomfortable sharing. This information includes telephone number, address, email address, and other personal information. While traffic activity for sites is generally public information on the site, the privacy policy makes it clear that some of the website functions may not be usable unless you register on the site and provide the necessary information. This can be a problem for people not associated with business or advertising websites and who instead are simply curious about internet traffic as the depth of the required personal information may be a turn off to potential users of

Company #3Edit

[ValueClick Media]

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

ValueClick Media is a division of ValueClick, Inc and is one of the largest and most experienced display advertising networks. They are a leader in online advertising across display, mobile, and video, and they back it up with the best data in the business. What they do is using tailored cross-platform capabilities, they use their unique data, audience targeting and optimization solutions to connect you to your audience, so they ensure you meet your brand and performance goals. They help by partnering with online advertisers and brand marketers looking to increase brand lift, build awareness, drive responses, and many other things. ValueClick Media tailors and offers industry-specific solutions to meet every goal. They do it using a robust targeting and optimization engine, BluePin, which leverages proprietary and third party data to make informed decisions in real-time delivering on campaign objectives.

One good think about this company's privacy policy ([Privacy Policy]) is that:

The good thing about ValueClick Media privacy policy is that they do not collect personal identifiable information such as: name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. The non-personal identifiable information they may collect is: IP address, browser types, operating systems, domain names, access dates and times, referring websites addresses, online transactions and browsing and search activities. If any health-related information is collected, that data is anonymous and is limited to certain health segments. We thought these elements of the privacy policy was good because their not gathering all this personal information about you to really be able to stalk or bother you, but just non-personal information they do collect just to be able to really enhance their company and make changes if needed.   

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

The bad thing about ValueClick Media privacy policy is that even though they don’t directly collect personal identifiable information other third parties they affiliate with possible can because each business has their own privacy policies. This may happen through cookies and other technologies that you may not be aware of. We think this could still propose problems because even though ValueClick Media may not directly collect this information others can and you may not even know or be aware of these other third party entities.  

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