Enter information below about the companes that are tracking you online:



To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

Criteo is the "global leader in performance display advertising." The company specializes in creating personalized ads for internet users based on a user's browse history. They place anonymous cookies in your browser so that they can collect data about you that will further personalize the ads you view on subsequent websites. Purely based off CPC bidding, companies who associate themselves with Criteo only pay for engagements resulting from "post-click" conversions.

One good thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

As an internet user, you have the right to update, access, or delete any personally identifiable information Criteo holds about you in their database at any time by simply emailing This is a good thing about this company's privacy policy because although we may not be able to control the third party affiliates who have our information through Criteo, we are still able to adjust what they know about us and how they identify us by emailing Criteo.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

Criteo states that they have the right to share your personally identifiable information with their trusted third party affiliates, however, the privacy policy mentions that these sites that they associate with may also imbed cookies in the content they expose you to. Having said that, Criteo proposes the disclaimer that they do not have control over what cookies these "trusted" affiliates imbed in their personal content. This is bad because what this means is that even though Criteo states they will not disclose your personally identifiable information with any untrusted sites, the sites that they do trust have this ability--therefore, Criteo cannot be held subject to this if your personal information is disclosed to untrustworthy sites affiliated with their trusted affiliates.



To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

According to AudienceScience "AudienceScience technology gives advertisers complete control of their audience data and digital ad spend through a transparent, closed-loop platform." They streamline the digital marketing value chain, saving millions in fees and margins. Clients are fully able to manage both data and buying, which provides a safe and effective way to target consumers. Since 2003, AudienceScience has been a thought leader in digital marketing solutions. They've  "powered the success of the world’s largest brands by delivering uniquely targeted digital advertising capabilities."

One good thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

They only provide our information, as a consumer, to the websites that are under AudienceScience. According to their website, "We conduct regular security audits overseen by independent third parties." This makes us as consumers feel better about advertising, in that we know our information is only being distributed to these websites and not millions of others (when going to websites under AudienceScience of course). Along with this, the information that is distributed about us, is strictly information that compiles our general interest (based off of what we search) and not our personal information. However, there are times were our name, email, and address can be contracted from these websites. Fortunately, this information is not shared with third party websites by AudienceScience.

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that:

Not only does AudienceScience supply two to three cookies on your device while you are searching, they also have no control over third party websites providing cookies as well. This is unfortunate due to the fact that cookie can slow down one's computing device and most important be used to cater to the advertising needs of the media. Cookies obtain all of the information that we search online and is used to smother our web browsing with ads and clutter our emails with "junk mail". It is understandable that AudienceScience does not have access to prohibiting third party site cookies, but that also can reduce the comfort and trust level that consumers have when browsing AudienceScience websites.

SAY MediaEdit

SAY Media

To the best of our understanding, this company engages in the following business:

SAY Media helps make the content you love free. They do this by helping web publishers (websites) pay for that content by offering great brand advertising that is relevant to their interests. To make the adveratising valuable SAY Media targerts those advertisements using certain types of anonymous datem for example age range, grographic location and other kinds of ctegories of interest such as sports or food enthusiast.

One good thing about this company's privacy policy is that SAY Media does not collect personally identifiable information for the most part. This gives us security by knowing that information like name, address, phone number, social secutity bumber will not be shared with advertisers and other websites. According to SAY Media's privacy policy

" For purposes of this Privacy Policy, personally identifiable information is data intended to be used to identify, contact or locate a person, including, name, address, telephone number or e-mail address and any other information (even if non-personally identifiable) provided in combination with such personally identifiable information."

One bad thing about this company's privacy policy is that SAY Media will provide personally identifiable information if you interact with SAY Media or their costumers. By interacting by Email or through videos, games, newsletter subscriptions SAY Media has the right to retain the email informtion and email address. 

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